Some Scripts and tutorials for different purposes.

Praat Scripts

  • Klatt continuum creator: Creates a 7-step continuum with Klatt grids from scratch (only formant values needed).
  • Continuum creator: Creates a 7-step continuum between a vowel from an actual recording and F1/F2 target values.
  • Concatenator: Creates CVC noncewords from vowel and consonant sound files, adds a 1 sec silence and another vowel (ideal for AX perceptual experiments).
  • Extractor: Extracts vowels from previously annotated sound files.
  • Create textgrids: Multiplies textgrid files (ideal for work with continua, where all the words are the same).
  • Scale files: Scales all files to 70 dB (intensity) for resynthesis purposes.
  • Get formants: Gets F1 and F2 values from vowel files, and saves them as a .csv file.
  • Move Files: Move your .wav files from one folder to another with this script. Particularly useful for input folders with different types of files.
  • Vowels: A script made on demand for a friend who needed to measure vowels from a long audio file containing a list of words. Gets F1, F2 and duration from a long recording. It must be annotated first, with at least a vowel tier.


Tutorials (in Spanish) for complete beginners - part of the course Fonética del Español.

  • Praat Tutorial 1: Navigating the user interface (recording, the Objects window, the Picture window, TextGrids).
  • Praat Tutorial 2: Basic scripting (Opening files, TextGrid creation, Formant measurement, Table creation).
  • Excel Tutorial: Basic operations (descriptive statistics, Pearson's R, Chi-Square, T-test and ANOVA). I do not endorse nor recommend Excel -R is my software of choice for these purposes.

Tutorials (in English) Praat for specific purposes - part of a series of workshops given at Essex as a YERUN short-visit scholar

  • Praat Tutorial 1: Scripts for opening files with String lists, TextGrid generation, and querying
  • Praat Tutorial 2: Scripts for perceptual experiments (vowel resythesis, synthesis from scratch, the Experiment interface).